Show Me Tattoos

One thing that is almost always true is that men and women with multiple tattoos are exhibitionists.  Combine that with men who spend most of their free time in a gym making their bodies as perfect as possible, you can be guaranteed they are exhibitionists.  I have tested this theory several times and have never been disappointed.  It always start out complimenting the person about their visible tattoos sympathize about how much they must have hurt when applied.  These guys always make light of the pain and are happy to discuss the reasons for their particular body art.  I listen attentively to their tattoo stories and then ask if they have any more (I always know they have more because I can see them disappearing under their shirts).  If they answer affirmatively I tell them I’m disappointed since I can’t see the others.  That’s when shirts come off so the tattoos can be displayed in all their glory.  Once the shirt is off, the exhibitionists are in no hurry to put them back on.  Once, in a major hardware store, a gentleman showed me the tattoos on his chest and back.  After he moved on a customer service person came over and told me I was crazy.  I wasn’t sure what she meant when she told me most of his tattoos were prison tatts.  I told her there was no danger because I was appealing to his vanity.  I don’t have any tattoos although I have considered having a nipple tattoo put on my pacemaker so it makes that lump look like a third pec.  My husband strongly objects.

5 thoughts on “Show Me Tattoos

  1. Tattoos are fun! I don’t mind the pain. There is always a story behind each tattoo. 🙂


  2. I have two tats but only one is partially visible. When I retired I wanted to remove myself as far as possible from the business world and publicly declare my new persona. An earring (left, sorry) and a parrot on my left shoulder mark me as a pirate. I do find that people who are put off my tat and earring are not the kind of people I really want to associate with anyway. The other tattoo? That’s enough information for today.


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