Red Basketball Shorts

I had a customer one day who entered the department looking like a shiny red apple.  He was a middle aged man who came in with his wife wearing red basketball shorts and a matching red tee shirt.  I complimented the guy on his look and he thanked me telling me his wife didn’t like it.  I told her I liked it because I really like the color red.  She told me she also liked red but just didn’t care for the basketball shorts.  He picked a couple of pairs of loafers he wanted to try and the two of them sat down while I went to get his selections.  When I brought the shoes out I suggested he walk in them to make sure his heels didn’t slip out meaning the shoes were too large.  He started walking after putting on the first pair of shoes.  It was easy to see why the wife didn’t like the basketball shorts.  While he was walking it appeared that there was a clear outline of a large snake flopping around his shorts trying to get out..  I couldn’t help but smile when I saw his display.  I looked at his wife who saw my smile and rolled her eyes.  Apparently he enjoyed showing physical characteristics she preferred to keep private.  The show lasted some time because he tried multiple pairs of shoes.  He decided not to buy anything but the entertainment value of his visit made the time worthwhile.  I told him to be sure to ask for me the next time he comes back.