Creative Flirting

Recently, a young girl I work with became very embarrassed because a customer had flirted with her.  Instead of smiling and carrying on a conversation with the young man, she blushed, stammered and giggled.  Flirting is awkward for retail employees.  Management establishes rules to discourage and even punish employees found to be flirting with customers.  However, the same management asks retail employees to connect with customers so they have a pleasant experience.  I thought about giving the young girl advice on subtle flirting when I discovered that ladies at work have higher tech ways to follow up on flirting customers.  Our employer asks us to get customer names and phone numbers so we can contact them when we have merchandise they might want.  Some of the more creative women, when interested in a man who flirts, ask for the name and phone number of the customer as requested by the employer.  They take this information and search for the man on Facebook.   Based on the information available, she can decide whether or not he has the potential to be a keeper.  With that out of the way, the woman can gather merchandise and call the customer suggesting he come back to the store for a viewing.  If he comes in, she simply lets the magic happen.  This just reinforced how old school I am.  It would have never occurred to me to be so creative.