Temporary True Love

Near closing time at the store one night, a young man came into the shoe department.  We developed a rapport pretty quickly as he was shopping.  He told me he was celebrating his 35th birthday with his sister.  He sat down after a few minutes of shopping telling me he was waiting for his sister to join him.  She was apparently downstairs in the Ladies Department shopping and would then come upstairs buy shoes for him for his birthday.  As he was waiting, he asked if he could call his sister to find out when wouold finish up in the Ladies Department.  I told him to feel free to use the phone next to the cash register.  As I busied myself getting the department ready for closing, I found it strange that he seem called his sister not once but several times.  As closing time got closer he told me he needed to send his sister a text but she had his phone.  I saw no harm in letting him use my cell phone so I set it up for him to use.  I was busy so I didn’t watch him closely but he asked me a question I found very strange.  He asked:  “How do I send a picture on your phone”?  I told him he could only send my pictures by text and he didn’t need to get into my personal files.  Shortly after that exchange he returned my phone to me and thanked me for my help.  He said good evening and I told him I was sorry his sister never came upstairs.  On my way home I turned on my phone to send a text and was surprised to find the following texts sent to an unknown phone number:

From other person:  Where u stay at in the north what apartment or street and send me a pic

From other person:  U sound cute whazz up

Young man with my phone:  I’m over by lovefield.  What part you in.  You send one first

I copied the texts exactly as written without editing.  It was surprising to me that he left the texts on my phone.  I’m kind of glad the other person didn’t send their pic.  However, it did make me feel kind of like cupid (for hook-ups).