Dressing for Work

I had a customer at my retail gig yesterday that was a joy to work with.  Usually I don’t include the race, ethnicity or religion of any of the folks I talk about because it’s not relevant.  However, in this case it is a relevant fact.  A young thin Black man approached me for help with buying underwear.  As I’ve mentioned several times I work in the Shoe Department.  I took him over to the Furnishings Department to get the appropriate sales person for him.  As it turned out the only woman in Furnishings was filling in for someone at lunch and didn’t know her boxers from her tidy whiteys.  Since I have more experience than her since I wear men’s underwear, I decided to help the young man.  I asked him what he was looking for and he told me he needed something really tight.  I can tell you from my experience that men just don’t ask for tight underwear.  I asked him if the reason he wanted tight underwear was to make his junk pop.  He said he was actually trying to frame out his booty.  Putting two and two together, I asked him if he was a stripper and, indeed, he was.  He had a pair of cotton underwear in his hand and I told him to put them back because cotton stretches and by the end of the evening those shorts would be around his knees.  I took him over to the “nasty, sexy” underwear favored by single men.  I explained they were made with synthetic materials and engineered to lift and push out to display his private areas to the best advantage.  Once we had selected the right design, we had to select the color.  The underwear we settled on came in white and grey.  I was trained as a child to always put my hand in white clothing so my hand went into the silky underwear.  Putting your hand into white clothing is to determine if the item is too sheer and my hand was clearly visible.  I turned to the young man and told him that with his dark complexion, I would buy the white shorts.  While dancing, the white underwear would give his audience a hint of what’s to come until his booty explodes out of the shorts and is put on display.  He bought two pairs.

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