Suede Shoes

There is a buddy at work that I generally advise when we have clearance shoes I think might be of interest to him.  For the purpose of anonymity, I’ll simply call him the “Gay Giant”.  We both think of ourselves as snappy dressers: however, our individual styles are very, very different.  We also have more than a 30 year age difference between us.  I have always favored a pretty preppy look while he favors a younger grunge look.  Recently, I pointed out some name brand black suede boots I thought he might like.  His answer surprised me.  He told me he didn’t buy suede because if they got wet, they would be ruined.  The reason this surprised me is that we both live in Dallas, TX.  Dallas does not have a particularly wet climate.  Sure we get rain sometimes but most of the time our climate is very dry.  As a relatively well dressed man, I have several pairs of suede shoes in various colors.  Since I don’t wear them when it’s wet, none of them have been damaged from water. After several hours contemplating his objection, it finally occurred to me what the problem was.  The next time I saw him, I suggested that when in the men’s room, he should stand closer to the urinal.  Problem solved.

2 thoughts on “Suede Shoes

    1. Nope, he didn’t buy them. After I got your comment, I checked with the gay giant and asked if he would purchase the boots now. He told me he gave me an incomplete answer. Bottom line he doesn’t like suede and would never buy it for any reason. I guess I spent too much time pondering.


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