Urinal Etiquette

Some time ago, I had to use a public urinal.  Before going further, it is important that I explain a little about urinal etiquette.  Most men will recognize these rules but women may not be aware of these gender specific guidelines.  When a man is standing at a public urinal, especially when the location has multiple side by side urinals (occupied by strangers you’ve never seen before) you look straight ahead at the wall.  You don’t look left and you don’t look right, you look straight ahead.  A second rule is that this not a place to converse with strangers.  I occasionally break this rule because I’m naturally chatty but ONLY while looking straight ahead.  One day while standing at a urinal next to a stranger we both took care of business gazing at the wall ahead of us without speaking.  However, while looking straight ahead, my peripheral vision could see my neighbor throw something over his shoulder but couldn’t tell what it was I exercised my self-control and didn’t speak.  When we are both washing our hands, I asked the gentleman what he threw over his shoulder.  He told me it was his tie.  I told him I just wanted to know if I should be impressed.  Looking at his tie I suggested he make sure the end of his tie didn’t extend below his belt.