Welcome to America

One of the things I learned in grade school was the concept of America as a melting pot. The idea that people from all over the world, regardless of their nationality, race or religion came together to make a stronger nation was powerful to me. I have never changed my view. Over the past few years I have been troubled by the hateful language and treatment of immigrants by fellow citizens and especially political leaders. My concern over the language and disrespect shown these heroes (in my opinion) reached a tipping point during the Republican Primaries and the ultimate selection of Donald Trump as their nominee. At my retail gig we have the largest foot traffic of any shopping center in the DFW area. I would guess that at least 30% of the traffic is international (either visiting the country or first generation immigrants). Our international traffic comes from every corner of the world in all colors and religions. I make a point of telling each of our international customers that I’m glad they’re here, especially those I know are recent immigrants. I genuinely believe what I say and it is my way of counteracting the hateful words of the Donald and his ilk. If you agree with me I suggest you say something to immigrants to welcome them. My intent is to let these people know we are not all xenophobic. I am here to tell you that using the simple phase, “Welcome to America”, you will not only give joy to someone you will bring happiness into your own life.