Eye of the Beholder

My husband and I recently had a new experience that had been recommended to us by friends for decades. We had our first pedicure. For years friends had suggested we try it because they told us it was relaxing and a pampering experience. The fact that I have always had one of the ugliest pairs of feet in the world has always dissuaded me from the experience. Since in most things Ed and I are joined at the hip, he never had one on his own. Fortunately he has never had a sensual interest in feet.which has served us well.

When we got to the shop I was really nervous about openly exhibiting my shame. My greatest fear was attracting unwelcome attention because of a little Asian woman {with water logged hands} was running away from me screaming at the sight my feet. Instead, she was a trooper and accepted the challenge. I was in the chair for a very long time while she heroically tried to shape my toe nails. She also worked on the bottoms of my feet with what appeared to be a cheese grater to remove a lifetime of callouses.

Ed and I were both surprisingly pleased with the results. My feet are still unattractive but no longer qualify for ugliest feet in the world. While open toed shoes will still not be on my shopping list, if you haven’t tried a pedicure I would recommend it for you.