I’d do you!

During the summer I purchased a new pair of shoes in my favorite brand that just happened to be orange. One day I wore those orange shoes with a navy blue suit, an orange patterned dress shirt and a very bright matching Ted Baker bow tie. I’m not being boastful because I’m a realist and have aged into an Orville Redenbacher look; however, not only did I look good, I looked “Cary Grant” good.

While walking through a parking garage I passed a couple of young women. One of them talked to me in a kind of flirty way and told me she really like my bow tie, it made me look hot. I thanked her for the compliment and pointed to my orange shoes and asked if she noticed they matched the tie. She looked down at the shoes and, continuing her flirty thing, told me “that’s really hot, I’d do you”. Without missing a beat I told the young woman that unless she was hiding a penis under her skirt that was never going to happen. She and her friend laughed and walked on. DISCLAIMER: That was actually a turn of phrase. Men in drag are definitely not my type. My type, like my husband, are manly men.