Bare Essentials

About 20 years ago, I decided it was time to deal with my body shyness.  My way of facing this issue head on was to join a nudist club.  The group I joined was strictly social – meaning hanky panky was cause for expulsion.  My first meeting was very stressful.  The members wore stick on name tags which was unfortunate for the guys with hairy chests.  Too much hair on my chest has never been my problem because my chest is almost prepubescent.  I am blessed/cursed with very little body hair.  The only hairs I ever had on my chest were growing out of a “hag” mole which was removed years ago. The members of the nudist club were actually a very nice group of people and I have to admit it was a freeing experience.  Every month we would meet at a member’s house for a pot luck party.  I enjoyed my membership for several months when, at the last party I attended, I was confronted by a hygiene issue. Most people have been to pot luck parties before where the different plates of food are placed on a dining table for everyone to enjoy.  At this last party I was standing at the food table grazing and snacking when I was joined by another man.  My companion saw something he wanted to try on the far side of the table. Rather than walk around the table, he reached across.  As I watched him reach across the table, his maleness, unencumbered by clothing, went sliding through a bowl of pimento cheese spread leaving a trail reminiscent of the trail a worm leaves in soft soil.  I realized that it was possible that his might not be the only body part body that had traveled through the food.  The thought nearly gagged me and sent me into the kitchen to drop my paper plate into the trash on the way to put on my clothes.  As pleasant as my experience had been, I knew I would never attend another party.  However, the experience was very successful at neutralizing my body shyness.

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    1. No eating disorder. I have no problem with other people’s body parts and I love most food, I just don’t want them to be together.


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