Visiting Mr. Bation

Although seldom discussed, all of us experience strong natural urges that decrease, but don’t go away, as we age. Recently, Ed and I were watching television in separate rooms because our tastes in TV entertainment are radically different. I was watching one of my ghost hunting shows which I enjoy because they are so silly. While the principals were having a discussion with an angry ghost I became aware of one of these natural urges. Initially I chose to ignore it because, as I’ve gotten older, it requires so much time and energy to get a moderately happy ending. While I continued watching my show, I was hit with a second round of urges only this time they included a sense of urgency. Reluctantly I gave in and responded to the call without a lot of enthusiasm. I was shocked when I got to the big finish because it was really powerful with trumpets blaring, angels singing and my breathing became labored. Quickly I tidied up and heard Ed’s footsteps rushing from the other side of the house. When he got to me, it was obvious he was concerned as he asked if I was ok. It took a couple of moments for me to realize I had apparently been more verbal then I realized. Privately embarrassed that I had been discovered, I responded that I had switched over to Game of Thrones. He must have heard a battle scene. He seemed to accept my explanation and returned to his own viewing. The next day I felt bad for lying and confessed like a twelve year old kid. Fortunately Ed has a good sense of humor.

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