In Texas, hygiene rules require that men and women wear some type of socks/hose when trying on shoes. When customers came in with no socks on their feet, we were required to provide them with some kind of foot covering.  As a result, we had “try on” socks for our customers.  They are essentially nylon footies to fit over the feet. In the men’s department, we usually get black “try on” socks to give the illusion that they are more masculine.  Whenever I gave “try on” socks to customers, I would tell them I had one consumer warning for them.  I explained that a lot of my customers have really liked the way the socks felt and, as a result, they have gone straight to pantyhose (which is a complete fabrication). I would tell them I didn’t want them to go to pantyhose so I asked that they avoid Ladies Intimate Apparel for the next couple of days.  I would explain that I’ve had several very unhappy wives confront me because they found their husbands rifling through their pantyhose drawer.  Although most guys just laugh and say they won’t be tempted, I have gotten some interesting responses from others.