Middle of the Night

One night I got home from work really tired.  I prepared my side of the bed to watch my Saturday night guilty pleasure, “Ghost Adventures”.  I got a drink and put it on my night stand; I got a couple of PM tablets to help me sleep and put them on the bed next to me and turned on the TV.  I got into bed and started watching “Ghost Adventures”.  In no time I was sound asleep.  Ed had been at a social function and got in late so he came to bed after I was asleep.  Ed and I are both past the age where our bladders can last the night without relief.  However, we’re pros at getting up in the middle of the night.  We never turn on a light because it wakes you up and we always sit down so we don’t have to aim.  Well, Ed got up in the middle of the night and while sitting in the dark, he felt two bugs jump off his back.  It startled Ed and he said he literally jumped off the seat.  When he turned on the light he found there were no bugs.  I had fallen asleep before taking the two small PM tablets I put on the bed.  When he fell asleep he rolled over on the tablets and they stuck to him.  While in the bathroom, the tablets simply fell off.  I slept through all of this activity.  In the morning, Ed was waiting for me to wake up to read me the riot act.  After hearing his experience,  I knew the proper thing to do was apologize for scaring the bejesus out of him.  Before I could get the words out of my mouth, I burst out laughing.  Ed should easily qualify for sainthood after a lifetime living with me.