Taking My Walk

One of the best decisions Ed and I ever made was purchasing our current home because of the neighborhood. We are literally surrounded by parks. There used to be a railroad that ran adjacent to the park which has been converted to a walking and cycling pathway called the Katy Trail. Within walking distance is access to shopping, restaurants and clubs (although we rarely walk to them).  Finally living life as if I’m actually retired, I go out into the park everyday (weather permitting). Since Ed has me on a diet and is insistent about my getting exercise, I always announce that “I’m going out walking” when I leave the house. Initially I would wander throughout the neighborhood taking in the fresh air, the beauty of the parks, return calls and emails and even dictate thoughts.  I have to admit that many days I spent more time sitting on a park bench enjoying my surroundings then I did walking.  One day I returned home and Ed told me he had seen me from the balcony and suggested that I walk more briskly to maximize weight loss. I agreed. A wide swath of our neighborhood is visible from our balconies. That evening I went out fto make a mental note fo our entire view. The next day when I went out to walk, I chose the park which is completely out of view and have been taking my “walks” there ever since. I have my own favorite bench which is nestled in the trees making it private and shady. I have a chatting acquaintance with walkers come out around the same time it’s very peaceful. The last 30 feet of my walk is clearly visible from our balcony. My pace for that last stretch would make a much younger person proud. I lost two pounds last week. Fingers crossed for this week.