Urinal Etiquette

Some time ago, I had to use a public urinal.  Before going further, it is important that I explain a little about urinal etiquette.  Most men will recognize these rules but women may not be aware of these gender specific guidelines.  When a man is standing at a public urinal, especially when the location has … More Urinal Etiquette

Southern Hospitality

For those of you that haven’t been around me in the past few years, I am one of people that that will talk to anyone about anything at any time.  If nothing else, I will compliment, praise or simply extend a greeting.  One area where I have been told I should restrain myself is in … More Southern Hospitality

Roommate Wanted

One of my early training schools was held in Tulsa, OK.  I had gone to high school and college while living in Tulsa so I wanted a car to visit old friends while in training.  I drove from Dallas to Tulsa arriving at the Residence Inn after 10:00 at night.  I went to the front … More Roommate Wanted

Ghost Story

One of the reasons I loved my Air Force assignment in England was because my home was a wonderful place. I was very happy in this house and was sad when I had to leave it. The house was located two houses away from the town center. The town center was marked by a roundabout … More Ghost Story

Good Buy

When I lived in England I attended antique auctions from time to time. At one of these auctions, there was a 19th century wheel chair that came up for sale (in much better shape than the one pictured). It was cooler than it sounds. It was a straight back large oak chair on wheels. The … More Good Buy


Because my sanity is often in question, I believe I’m a pretty good judge of how crazy other people are.  I had an incident several years ago where I found I still had a lot to learn about levels of mental health.  When traveling alone on business I didn’t like to eat in nice restaurants … More Psychosis

I’m Not Orville

On several occasions I have been mistaken for Orville Redenbacher.  If I had been given the opportunity to select my doppelganger, I know Orville would not have made the list.  However, it is what it is, and I accept that I have aged into some of his characteristics.  Like Orville, I wear horned rim glasses, … More I’m Not Orville

Third Nipple

After having quad bypass surgery and then a heart attack, I had a battery operated device installed in my upper chest.  I am really a happy and positive person who has a tendency not to worry about things that haven’t happened yet.  The morning I had to check into the hospital, I was in a … More Third Nipple

Spread ’em

Not long ago I had a semiannual health check at the VA. Unlike the press and a lot of people I have talked to, I love the VA.  I was in the waiting room when I was called to see my doctor.  I was escorted to the exam room and introduced to a young woman … More Spread ’em