A woman at work recently complained that her boyfriend goes commando under his basketball shorts. She said his manhood flops around like an eel out of water.  She said it kind of embarrasses her and he doesn’t know how it looks.  I stopped her there and told her: “Of course he knows how it looks, … More Commando

Horizontal Mambo

There used to be a woman I knew at my retail gig who was a “fragrance lady”.  You know who I’m talking about – you walk into a department store and suddenly you have a card smelling like perfume in your hand.   I saw this woman frequently and we would joke around with each other. … More Horizontal Mambo

Hospital Strippin’

After my first ambulance ride and my arrival at the hospital, I found there was more to settling in than simply getting a bed and starting the pain medications.  The paramedics pushed me into the entrance hall and told me someone would be with me shortly.  In the excitement of my accident I realized I … More Hospital Strippin’