Gay Lifestyle?

Many years ago, a man I worked with told me he enjoyed working with me and he had met my partner (later husband) Ed and thought he was a really nice man. However, he had to admit that as hard as he tried, he couldn’t understand the gay lifestyle. I thought about it a few … More Gay Lifestyle?


When Ed and I moved to Dallas, it was an exciting time because for the first time, we were able to meet other gay men and women.  However, we were uncomfortable at first because old habits die hard.  Coming from a military environment and having been closeted our entire lives, the new freedom was an … More Agog

Taking My Walk

One of the best decisions Ed and I ever made was purchasing our current home because of the neighborhood. We are literally surrounded by parks. There used to be a railroad that ran adjacent to the park which has been converted to a walking and cycling pathway called the Katy Trail. Within walking distance is … More Taking My Walk


One of the great happenings in my life was meeting my daughter-in-law. Ed and I fell in love with her the first day we met and love the way she brings joy to everyone she comes in contact with. During our fist encounter, I fully expected her to be challenged by the fact she was … More Amy

Emergency Room Pastime

Ed woke up in the middle of the night with an ailment that concerned us both so we made a trip to the local Emergency Room. Neither of us is a health professional but, as it turns out, we found out later that the issue was no big deal. However, during those hours we sat … More Emergency Room Pastime

Middle of the Night

One night I got home from work really tired.  I prepared my side of the bed to watch my Saturday night guilty pleasure, “Ghost Adventures”.  I got a drink and put it on my night stand; I got a couple of PM tablets to help me sleep and put them on the bed next to … More Middle of the Night