Sweet Breads

Spending my early days in Duncan, OK, I had a lot of experiences you can only get from a rural environment. The strongest lesson rural life taught me was that I’m a city guy. I remembered another lesson recently when one of Ed’s cousins generously sent us some homemade Portuguese sweetbreads. When in Duncan, my … More Sweet Breads

Shall We Dance?

Ed & I love cruises. They have become our favorite way to travel because of the superb entertainment, the hotel that travels with you and the opportunities to meet new and interesting people. A few years ago we took a cruise from Rio to Buenos Aires. On our last day in Buenos Aires we went … More Shall We Dance?

Viking Farewell

There is a little pond across the street from where we live. I just shared with husband that, upon my demise, I would like a Viking funeral on that pond. It would be a simple process where friends and family could meet at the side of the pond where I am ready for the journey, … More Viking Farewell

Cat in the Hat

I’m a hat guy. I don’t leave the house without wearing a hat and like being the only guy in the room with a fedora on my head.  Ed is a baseball cap kind of guy and he looks great but there is no comparison between a baseball cap and a proper hat.   About 10 … More Cat in the Hat

Eye of the Beholder

My husband and I recently had a new experience that had been recommended to us by friends for decades. We had our first pedicure. For years friends had suggested we try it because they told us it was relaxing and a pampering experience. The fact that I have always had one of the ugliest pairs … More Eye of the Beholder

I’m Straight!

If you are on Facebook, I imagine you have seen the tests that claim they can correctly determine personal characteristics if you answer ten questions.  I’ve seen tests to determine your favorite music, your age based on political views, etc.  I see these surveys as a waste of time since they are designed to predict … More I’m Straight!

Creative Flirting

Recently, a young girl I work with became very embarrassed because a customer had flirted with her.  Instead of smiling and carrying on a conversation with the young man, she blushed, stammered and giggled.  Flirting is awkward for retail employees.  Management establishes rules to discourage and even punish employees found to be flirting with customers.  … More Creative Flirting

Pacemaker Stat

Ed and I were recently at an airport where we were both pre-checked for security (meaning – old people).   However, the result was different for each of us.  Ed and I have become big bags of spare parts.   When they asked if there were any issues with x-rays, Ed told them he had two artificial … More Pacemaker Stat

Alabaster Crowd

When Ed and I lived in England, we enjoyed a few British package holidays which always resulted in fun times and great memories.  We have always been warm weather types when going on vacation so we always ended up in sunny places.    The hotels we stayed in usually provided rooms for the entire package groups … More Alabaster Crowd

15th Anniversary

Ed and I took our first cruise for our 15th Anniversary.   Not only was it our first cruise, it was also our first “all gay” cruise.  We traveled with two other couples who were best friends.  It was early days in gay cruise business so the ship wasn’t particularly nice or up to date but … More 15th Anniversary