One of the great happenings in my life was meeting my daughter-in-law. Ed and I fell in love with her the first day we met and love the way she brings joy to everyone she comes in contact with. During our fist encounter, I fully expected her to be challenged by the fact she was … More Amy

Middle of the Night

One night I got home from work really tired.  I prepared my side of the bed to watch my Saturday night guilty pleasure, “Ghost Adventures”.  I got a drink and put it on my night stand; I got a couple of PM tablets to help me sleep and put them on the bed next to … More Middle of the Night

Plan Ahead

When you get to be my age, you can’t help but consider the fact that life is finite and one day death in inevitable.  I realize I am much closer to being made into a crispy critter than I made my initial trip through the vaginal passage.  Most people would much prefer being hit by … More Plan Ahead

Just for You

A number of years ago I had traveled to Palm Springs to for a Trade Conference. It was February and thoughts of Valentine’s Day were in the air. There was free time between the conference sessions and meetings with clients so I headed downtown to look for a Valentine’s present for Ed. Early in my … More Just for You

Visiting Mr. Bation

Although seldom discussed, all of us experience strong natural urges that decrease, but don’t go away, as we age. Recently, Ed and I were watching television in separate rooms because our tastes in TV entertainment are radically different. I was watching one of my ghost hunting shows which I enjoy because they are so silly. … More Visiting Mr. Bation

Catch 22, 23, 24……

As time marches forward, those of us in long term happy relationships begin to have a new concern. While not often spoken about it’s a concern none the less. Ed and I got together the day after my 25th birthday. While you’re young you are always invincible and there are endless tomorrows to plan and … More Catch 22, 23, 24……

Shall We Dance?

Ed & I love cruises. They have become our favorite way to travel because of the superb entertainment, the hotel that travels with you and the opportunities to meet new and interesting people. A few years ago we took a cruise from Rio to Buenos Aires. On our last day in Buenos Aires we went … More Shall We Dance?

Viking Farewell

There is a little pond across the street from where we live. I just shared with husband that, upon my demise, I would like a Viking funeral on that pond. It would be a simple process where friends and family could meet at the side of the pond where I am ready for the journey, … More Viking Farewell

Cat in the Hat

I’m a hat guy. I don’t leave the house without wearing a hat and like being the only guy in the room with a fedora on my head.  Ed is a baseball cap kind of guy and he looks great but there is no comparison between a baseball cap and a proper hat.   About 10 … More Cat in the Hat

Eye of the Beholder

My husband and I recently had a new experience that had been recommended to us by friends for decades. We had our first pedicure. For years friends had suggested we try it because they told us it was relaxing and a pampering experience. The fact that I have always had one of the ugliest pairs … More Eye of the Beholder