Marry Me

A couple years ago at my retail gig, I saw an elderly woman in a wheel chair accompanied by an attendant.  She was wearing a beautiful pink straw hat with a wide brim.  I went up to the woman and complimented her on her wonderful hat. She reached for my hand and asked if I … More Marry Me


I’m sure that everyone has had the experience where they meet a complete stranger and know immediately that talking to them is going to be fun. At my retail gig a gentleman came in once and I knew if was going to be fun to work with him. We spent more time talking than actual … More Dick’s

Are These Too Gay?

On a busy Saturday, I was taking a break from selling shoes when business dropped off momentarily. I wasn’t really thinking about anything and was barely aware of the ambient noise around me. However, my ears perked up when I heard a man say: “Do you think these shoes are too gay?”.  I looked around … More Are These Too Gay?


One day I was assigned duties as store greeter for our main entrance because of being on restricted duty and not being able to stay on my feet.  I found myself in new territory since all of this floor is women’s wear.  All of my work is normally in the Men’s department which is located … More Brassieres

Sarcasm gone Wrong

For some unknown reason I am attracted to pink flamingos. My first experience with the lanky birds was years ago when Ed and I had a pool built. While at a landscaping business buying plants to complement the pool, I spied a stack of plastic flamingos on display. Over Ed’s sound reasoning I bought a … More Sarcasm gone Wrong

Trip to Brazil

When I first started working in retail, I would sometimes help out in Women’s Shoes. Their customers are a tough crowd and far different than they’re male counterparts.  One of the times I was helping out, an attractive middle age lady came in and made her shoe selections. I came back with the shoes requested … More Trip to Brazil

Beef Sandwich

One day at my retail gig I was providing over the top customer service to a gay couple who were in to buy some new shoes. We were having a good time discussing common acquaintances and businesses. An associate came by (let’s call him Larry) to give me some information and moved on. Larry is … More Beef Sandwich

K-Dog on Patrol

I had a couple of young guys shopping with me once and we were enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes customers think some of the things I say are funny but these guys were laughing their heads off. They selected their purchases so we went to the payment stand. I’m a realist and know that I … More K-Dog on Patrol

I’d do you!

During the summer I purchased a new pair of shoes in my favorite brand that just happened to be orange. One day I wore those orange shoes with a navy blue suit, an orange patterned dress shirt and a very bright matching Ted Baker bow tie. I’m not being boastful because I’m a realist and … More I’d do you!

OMG, Let me in!!

I worked on my own at the retail gig yesterday.  Toward the end of my day while waiting for my replacement, I got a call to action by my bladder (a call which should be understood by anyone reading this).  However, I continued to get customers and, as a result, kept putting off the call.  … More OMG, Let me in!!