Once when I was heading back to work from a break I stopped to chat with a young woman in another department.  I don’t recall how the subject came up but we ended up talking about Magnums (condoms).  For those of you who may not be familiar with this product, it is a fairly well-known … More Magnums


In Texas, hygiene rules require that men and women wear some type of socks/hose when trying on shoes. When customers came in with no socks on their feet, we were required to provide them with some kind of foot covering.  As a result, we had “try on” socks for our customers.  They are essentially nylon … More Pantyhose

Walk This Way

There are many visuals that show that spring is here. Women begin wearing sandals, men switch from their felt fedoras to straw and gardens become freshly planted. At my retail gig, we have a sweet young female employee that provides us with another indicator of seasonal change. To protect her anonymity, I’ll call the young … More Walk This Way

Marry Me

A couple years ago at my retail gig, I saw an elderly woman in a wheel chair accompanied by an attendant.  She was wearing a beautiful pink straw hat with a wide brim.  I went up to the woman and complimented her on her wonderful hat. She reached for my hand and asked if I … More Marry Me


I’m sure that everyone has had the experience where they meet a complete stranger and know immediately that talking to them is going to be fun. At my retail gig a gentleman came in once and I knew if was going to be fun to work with him. We spent more time talking than actual … More Dick’s

Are These Too Gay?

On a busy Saturday, I was taking a break from selling shoes when business dropped off momentarily. I wasn’t really thinking about anything and was barely aware of the ambient noise around me. However, my ears perked up when I heard a man say: “Do you think these shoes are too gay?”.  I looked around … More Are These Too Gay?


One day I was assigned duties as store greeter for our main entrance because of being on restricted duty and not being able to stay on my feet.  I found myself in new territory since all of this floor is women’s wear.  All of my work is normally in the Men’s department which is located … More Brassieres