Sartorial Style

In our communal seniority, especially in the winter, our friends have developed a sartorial style that I’m not crazy about.  They love their sweat pants.  Around the house is fine. However, they also wear sweat pants to do grocery shopping, go to COSTCO or run errands. As a son of the South, I was taught … More Sartorial Style

Middle of the Night

One night I got home from work really tired.  I prepared my side of the bed to watch my Saturday night guilty pleasure, “Ghost Adventures”.  I got a drink and put it on my night stand; I got a couple of PM tablets to help me sleep and put them on the bed next to … More Middle of the Night


Once when I was heading back to work from a break I stopped to chat with a young woman in another department.  I don’t recall how the subject came up but we ended up talking about Magnums (condoms).  For those of you who may not be familiar with this product, it is a fairly well-known … More Magnums


In Texas, hygiene rules require that men and women wear some type of socks/hose when trying on shoes. When customers came in with no socks on their feet, we were required to provide them with some kind of foot covering.  As a result, we had “try on” socks for our customers.  They are essentially nylon … More Pantyhose

Plan Ahead

When you get to be my age, you can’t help but consider the fact that life is finite and one day death in inevitable.  I realize I am much closer to being made into a crispy critter than I made my initial trip through the vaginal passage.  Most people would much prefer being hit by … More Plan Ahead


I’m sure that everyone has had the experience where they meet a complete stranger and know immediately that talking to them is going to be fun. At my retail gig a gentleman came in once and I knew if was going to be fun to work with him. We spent more time talking than actual … More Dick’s

Just for You

A number of years ago I had traveled to Palm Springs to for a Trade Conference. It was February and thoughts of Valentine’s Day were in the air. There was free time between the conference sessions and meetings with clients so I headed downtown to look for a Valentine’s present for Ed. Early in my … More Just for You

Are These Too Gay?

On a busy Saturday, I was taking a break from selling shoes when business dropped off momentarily. I wasn’t really thinking about anything and was barely aware of the ambient noise around me. However, my ears perked up when I heard a man say: “Do you think these shoes are too gay?”.  I looked around … More Are These Too Gay?

Trunk of Junk

No surprise to many is the fact that men are very conscious of their genitalia. This is not a gay thing or a straight thing but a man thing. When I went to one of my early “gay” classes, I learned that within my world, men who were overly obsessed the the size of other … More Trunk of Junk

Sweet Breads

Spending my early days in Duncan, OK, I had a lot of experiences you can only get from a rural environment. The strongest lesson rural life taught me was that I’m a city guy. I remembered another lesson recently when one of Ed’s cousins generously sent us some homemade Portuguese sweetbreads. When in Duncan, my … More Sweet Breads